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When two young boys, Buckshot and Pooty Barnhill, stumble upon the gruesome, headless corpse of a young white man in the woods of Nokomis, local Deputy Sheriff J. B. Coon, a farmer and part-time deputy, is summoned to investigate. Deputy Coon quickly targets a suspect in Manse Mobley, a mysterious old Negro moonshiner who rides a magnificent stallion and carries a shotgun.

The bigger question, however, is why! Even as his boss pushes him to close the case unsolved as just another shootout between two unimportant country hooligans fighting over a bottle of whiskey, J. B. suspects more. His curiosity and subsequent investigation leads him to one of the most wealthy and prominent families in the State of Alabama, Dr. John Blue and his wife, Marie. The Blues have secrets. Deep, dark secrets!

As the Blues’ secrets unfold, Deputy Coon begins to wish he had listened to his boss and left that door closed, but once he has crossed the threshold of truth, there is no turning back. Other lives must now be destroyed. And J. B. Coon may be one of them.

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